Receive The Best Dental Care.

Receive The Best Dental Care.

What We Do

Complete Dentures

We are the only dental care in Mumbai that specialise in ONE DAY perfect fitting and comfortable denture treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Don’t let the yellow teeth ruin your smile, get a dazzling white smile with our treatment procedures.

Implant Treatment

Get best alternative to your lost teeth or overdenture with our highest level of professionalism.

Root Canals

Get long lasting and reliable treatment for your tooth pain at our multi-speciality dental center.

Maxillofacial Prosthesis

We have 100% success rate in replacement of missing organ. For example eye, ear, nose, etc.

Invisible/Metal Braces

Get custom made set of invisible/metal braces through a digital scan and rediscover your smile.

Tooth jewellery

Decorate your teeth with our unique, fashionable, flashy and top quality tooth jewellery.

Cleaning & Polishing

Leave your tooth enamel glossy and smooth with our best-in-class dental care.

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Visited for the dental crown implant. The procedure was completed very efficiently and was a painless experience. It was explained in detail. Also, proper hygiene is maintained at the clinic.

Vaibhav Karia

Dr. Juhee is very polite and did my dental work with amazing results. I had a painless experience with her. I will recommend her to everyone. I had excellent experience with her. The rates are very affordable.

Naresh Mehta

Got my wisdom tooth extraction and root canal treatment followed by a dental crown done by Dr. Juhee. The entire process was painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Juhee to everyone.

Aniket Naik

The clinic is hygienic n doctor takes care of details. Had an amazing experience over here, would definitely recommend!!

Nami Juneja

The treatment done was painless. The staff and the doctor were both helpful and kind and best at using their skills. I would strongly recommend getting the treatment done from here.

Madhuri Kundnani

Very hygienic clinic, updated with latest instruments and doctor is very gentle in her work. Got done with my treatment with no hassle.

Dr. Anoopsaran Bhojwani



Surbhi Goel
Surbhi Goel
21. October, 2021.
My parents took the dental treatment from Dr Juhee and they were extremely happy with the treatment they received. They will be visiting Dr Juhee only for any dental problems they might face in future.
Saif Kazi
Saif Kazi
11. October, 2021.
My experience with Dr. Juhee was very pleasant and smooth. She is very warm and attentive.Got scaling & polishing done from her. Had a painless dental cavity treatment . Rates are very reasonable compared to others. Would recommend her to everyone. One of the best Dentist in India.
Safiya Rumani
Safiya Rumani
3. October, 2021.
I had my Tooth surgery and extraction ,Filling & Scaling of teeths and got Denture CPD. The process was really smooth and painless. The doctor was very polite and gave complete attention. It was a very good experience.
Kishan Khanna
Kishan Khanna
17. September, 2021.
I got my left upper denture crown done by Dr. Juhee Mehta. Dr. Juhee is very polite. She has done a very good job. Dr. Kishan K. Khanna
Kristel Mehta
Kristel Mehta
12. September, 2021.
So I had my treatment done by Dr Juhee Mehta recently, and I can't thank her enough for an astonishing service that she provided. In addition, she carried out the following procedures: -Wisdom tooth surgery -Extraction of two teeth -Capping of a molar -Cleaning and polishing Moreover, the procedures were carried out carefully and I couldn't feel a single pain during my treatment. I would totally recommend Dr juhee Mehta, if you are looking for any dental related treatments.
Binay Shah
Binay Shah
19. August, 2021.
Dr juhee is an excellent dentist. Her treatment is commendable..... She is very thorough with her work and is very neat, she explains everything before what she does so the patient is aware of what is going on. She Is strict also..... She told me either stop coming to me and chew supari or Come to me and quit supari. I quit supari. 😀 My sincere recommendation and reference to all is visit Dr juhee dental clinic for any dental issues
Swap J
Swap J
19. August, 2021.
I got my scaling done today. My teeths were in pretty bad shape. Very happy with the overall experience. Finally, the stains on my teeth disappeared completely. I can't express how happy I am. I tried few dentists in last 5 years and they couldn't get rid of them completely. I am so very happy to see my teeths without any stains. Waiting to show them to my wife as she kept making fun of the stains 😁. A big THANK YOU to Doctor Juhi and the staff. You made my day.
Suhasini Waingankar
Suhasini Waingankar
17. August, 2021.
I am 71year old and got my dental treatment done from Dr. Juhee Mehta. She did 3 rootcanals, one extraction, 2 bridges of 3units each and 1 cap treatment. She did the procedures efficiently and it was all painless. I would recommend her to each and every one. She is the best dentist I have ever come across Very experienced and calm. She is very professional. Thanks for wonderful experience.
Vaibhavi Panchal
Vaibhavi Panchal
10. August, 2021.
It was very nice experience to a treatment, My dental treatment is 2 cap & 3 filling it was very good, its using a good quality instruments. It is a best Dr.
9. August, 2021.
A painless treatment done with best satisfaction.

We are Proud of

Transformed Lives

Smile Makeovers

Restored Oral Health

Implants Treatment



Ans. The 1st step to improving your smile, this analysis involves a study of all the elements of your smile- teeth appearance, alignment, gums, jaws- and also your facial features and how they all fit together.

The results of this analysis are then shown to you by a process called Digital Smile Design in the form of a before after picture and also as a peel off version of your ideal smile in your own mouth without damaging your natural teeth.


If you have missing tooth or a series of teeth, a dental implant may be suggested. Missing teeth can cause a number of problems, including difficulties chewing or eating.

Once you get dental implants, they no longer have to struggle with gaps caused by missing teeth. You feel more confident in their smile and can attend social functions without fear of uncomfortable situations. Dental implants give patients a beautiful smile, more confidence, and the ability to resume eating solid foods without worry.


Our bodies have the amazing ability to repair injured structures. For example, when we break a bone, our body is able to heal the bone by creating new cells that glue the bone back together. Unfortunately, this isn’t true when it comes to our teeth. Once a hole forms in a tooth, the body cannot repair it. Hundreds of years ago (before fillings existed), cavities eventually caused people so much pain that they would have the tooth removed.

Amazingly, modern dentistry has found a way to let you keep your decayed teeth. All that needs to be done is to have the bacteria professionally removed and then to replace the hole in the tooth with a hard, tooth-like material known as a dental filling.


Root canal is necessary when when the inside or the pulp (3rd layer of the tooth) becomes infected or inflamed. The pulp contains nerves- essentially they keep the tooth alive. The inflammation or infection can have many causes but mostly are result of deep decay or trauma.


This may vary among individuals. Typically, you can expect whitening to last from 6 months to 1 year. Avoid colored beverages and staining substances like red wine, coffee, green tea, smoking – all which can cause staining, helps preserve the results.


A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. A crown is sometimes known as a cap.


Our first attempt is always to save a natural tooth for as long as possible.The following are signs that your tooth may be a candidate for removal after all attempts have failed

Severe pain for a prolonged time
Severely decayed and broken down
Toothhas severe bone loss
Recurrent swelling
Broken far below the gum level
Tooth is fractured from within


Other uses in dental procedures are:

Removal of swollen tissues.
Can reduce inflamed/infected gum tissues and reduce the bacteria.
For reshaping/remove the excess gum tissue to provide adequate tooth shape.
For crown lengthening procedures.
Gum lightening procedures
Biopsy procedures.


  • All dental problems start with the bacteria in the mouth. Food particles that stick to teeth become havens for bacteria.
  • As food debris hardens and gets infected with bacteria it is called plaque, then tartar, and finally calculus.
  • It can lead to cavities by the constant bacterial attack.
  • It can cause tooth loss by infecting and weakening the gums till the teeth start shaking.
  • It can also cause diseases in the rest of the body like heart diseases, complications of diabetes if the bacteria travel in the bloodstream.


Wisdom teeth are typically extracted when there is not enough room in the mouth. The crowding can create discomfort or pain and result in other teeth becoming crooked. Wisdom teeth are also removed when they are infected, coming in the wrong position and damaging other teeth or lodging in the gums or adjacent teeth leading to decay or gum infections.

For these reasons, the removal of wisdom teeth is highly effective in preventing later dental problems.